Extra 10k Membership Rewards Points [Expired]

If you have an Amex Charge Card (e.g., Platinum, Gold, Green, etc.), call the number on the back of your card prior to December 31, 2011. Ask the representative if you are eligible for the “Extended Payment Option” with a 10,000 membership rewards bonus points (5,000 if it isn’t the Platinum or Centurion). If they say no, also ask them to check under Bonus ID 6650. They may say no, but it is worth a shot. I just got myself 10k extra points on my Platinum for the asking. This is on top of the 50k points I got initially, 50k points I got asking to match , $25 I got to spend on Small Business Saturday, $200 toward American Airlines upgrade stickers, free (worth $100) Global Entry allowing me to skip the lines at immigration and a Priority Pass membership giving me unlimited free access to business class lounges at most airports.

You can also try this link for 5k on any Amex charge card if you don’t succeed on the phone or to attempt a second card. Note that it may not work for a second card, and may not even work at all, but worth a try.

Note, be careful to not actually use the Extended Payment Option. Basically, it allows you to revolve large purchases put on your charge card for a hefty (now apx. 15%) interest rate. Keeping your credit card on autopay for the full balance should help.

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