About Us

Dave earned his MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management and his B.S. from Cornell University. In addition, Dave is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Dave’s primary career focuses on real estate private equity, finance and investment banking.

Dave has had a lifelong obsession with finding “deals” and maximizing them. As a child, Dave realized that there was no entry limit to the local movie theater’s “Count the Candy Contest.” Of course, Dave entered every conceivable number using return address labels. Two hours of a child’s work turned into a year of free movies. Upon graduating from college, Dave realized that many of the most valuable “freebies” lie at the nexus of the travel and credit card industries. For the past 15 years, Dave has been taking advantage of many of the most lucrative offers, accumulate millions of frequent traveler points for him and his family, enabling them to jet around the world on a whim.

Of course, Dave’s friends wanted to “get in on the action,” so he decided to create a blog to share it with them. Eventually the site went viral, so Dave decided to professionalize it as FreeTravelGenius.com. In addition to the original Points Blog, Dave created a summary of the best deals for those that simply wanted to “get right down to business”.

Dave is especially happy to share all of his free travel adventures with his wife of almost one year. Prior to meeting Dave, she rarely left the country. In the past year, they have visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Tanzania, Netherlands, Israel and France without buying a single airline ticket or paying for any of the many luxury hotels they have enjoyed. You can learn more about their travel adventures on Dave’s Travel Blog or see all the places he has been lucky enough to visit below.