[Expired] AMEX Platinum – up to 100,000 MR Points

Amex stopped approving almost all new bumps in mid-September 2011.

Old Procedure:

  • Apply for card using this link.
  • Spend $1,000
  • Call 800-297-3276. Tell them that you know other people have received 100,000 bonus points from this card using offer code 5748 and you want to know if they would be willing to match it for you. They will usually either say no (their reason is usually something about not being targeted for the offer) or yes, we made a note on the account and you will receive the extra points in 60-90 days. Once in a while, you may get extra lucky and they apply the extra points immediately. In any case, take note of the agent’s name.
  • If they say no, simply say thank you and hang up. Then call back the next day and try again.
  • Wait the prescribed amount of time and check your Membership Rewards account balance. If it is not there, call 800-297-3276 and ask them to check their notes and credit your account for the missing points.
  • Consider converting to Delta if you haven’t converted MR points to Delta Skymiles in the past. Then get 50% extra Skymiles on your first transfer to Delta, plus Silver status (or 25k MQM points toward higher statuses) if you transfer over 100,000 MR points. Original Post:

I just received an additional 50,000 membership rewards points after getting 50,000 MR points (i.e., a total of 100,000) from my American Express Platinum Card simply by calling American Express Membership Rewards (800-297-3276) and asking for them. It seems that there was an offer (that expired 2/17/11) that Amex sent to a select few people telling them they would get 100,000 MR points if they got a platinum card and spent $1,000 (offer 3882). I didn’t know about the offer at the time and signed up for a 50,000 MR points “special offer”. I spent my $1,000 and received the 50,000 (I transferred them to Delta and ended up with 75,000 delta points and Silver status btw). I now have an additional 50,000 in my MR account!

Amex customer service gets big props for really going above and beyond here.

For more about the American Express Platinum card in general, see Amex Platinum – Could be worth it?.

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