[Expired] Virgin and BA: 30% Amex MR Bonus

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Both British Airways “Avios” (until 1/31/2012) and Virgin Atlantic (until 1/13/2012) are offering 30% bonuses for Membership Rewards Transfers. However, the Virgin offer is targeted and requires pre-registration. See our Airline Reference Guide for more information on why you would want these points and what they are worth. It is not clear how Amex is targeting the Virgin offer or how you can verify (other than receiving the mailing) that you are targeted. However, the “Membership Rewards First” logo was on the mailing meaning that it is likely that they are targeting some (or maybe all) Platinum and Centurion card members. If you are a non-MR First member and received the mailing, please comment below.

Note that Avios has generally devalued their points with the exception of short trips, then again, there aren’t a lot of better uses for Membership Reward points, so certainly consider these offers. Using Avios for a short flight on American Airlines would be one possibility. Boston to Miami is a 20,000 round trip with Avios meaning 16,000 of Membership Rewards points with the bonus offer. Buying it on American would be 25,000 points or 25,000 of spending on a Citi AAdvantage card.

Membership Rewards to Virgin Atlantic Transfer Quick Link

Membership Rewards to British Airways Transfer Quick Link

This is the mailer that I received:

Flyer from Virgin Atlantic

American Express British Airways Membership Rewards Virgin Atlantic

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