Free Travel Genius Selected for MIN52

Free Travel Genius Selected Among Some of the Most Innovative Massachusetts Startups

BOSTON (July 2, 2013) Free Travel Genius has been selected among some of the most innovative Massachusetts start-ups. The site will compete at the Mass Innovation Night on July 10th. Free Travel Genius editor, David Harelick, is “very proud that Free Travel Genius has been selected to swim in a pool that includes the more established Xively by LogMeIn, non-profits such as Crowd Grant and novel physical products like Mino.”

Mr. Harelick hopes to be one of the four companies presenting on July 10th. The audience is full of start-up founders that could benefit greatly from optimizing their spend. For example, Free Travel Genius was recently able to show start-up firms with two founders how to save $3,520 off their discount economy domestic travel just by putting $10,000 of their spending on two specific credit cards. For a bootstrap start-up that needs to meet clients or investors in person, those, say 10 additional face-to-face meetings with both partners can make all the difference.


The structure of Mass Innovation Nights allows ten companies to attend and showcase their innovative business models, however, only four of those ten companies are given the opportunity to give a five minute presentation during the event. To determine the four companies that will present on July 10th, a month long voting competition is held on the Mass Innovation Nights website for users to vote for their favorite companies.

Event Details

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Date: July 10, 2013
Time: 6pm to 8:30pm
Hashtag: #MIN52
Location: LogMeIn, 320 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210

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About Mass Innovation Nights

Mass Innovation Nights (MIN) is a product of Innovation Nights LLC and offers an opportunity for people interested in innovative new products to connect live and online. For marketers and new product developers, MIN integrates live face-to-face events, online visibility and the power of social media to support and supplement other product launch methods, connecting with the mainstream media, social media enthusiasts, and potential partners and the marketplace.

About Free Travel Genius

Free Travel Genius helps its users find the credit card(s) that will get them the highest return in free travel based upon their spending and travel preferences. The site prioritizes informing its users about the very large, sometimes unpublished “mega-bonus” offers provided by the credit card companies for limited amounts of time. Free Travel Genius also makes sure to steer its clients away from cards with inferior “return on spend”. The site is NOT for people that normally carry balances on their credit card or have problems with their credit.

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