Free Travel Genius Kiva Challenge

The management of Free Travel Genius has supported Kiva since 2009. Through Kiva, a 501c(3) non-profit, one can lend small amounts of money (as little as $25 at a time) to emerging market entrepreneurs looking to lift themselves (and, potentially, others) out of poverty. We are big fans of microfinance and want to encourage others to get involved.

The Kiva Leap Year Challenge

Between 2/18/2012 and 2/29/2012:

1) Join our Kiva team.

2) Choose a borrower and lend at least $25 as a member of our team

3) Let us know about your generosity by posting about it on our facebook wall

We will match your contributions up to a reasonable limit (officially $50, but we may raise that).

Free Travel Genius doesn’t charge for teaching you how to travel the world for free, so please “pay it forward” by helping people in actual need. Maybe you will even use some of your points to go visit one of your “portfolio companies” one day.

Entrepreneurs supported by the Free Travel Genius

Please see our Kiva Lender Page for more details.

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