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So I don’t usually write articles about restaurants in Boston since the focus of the website is on travel. However, others also travel to Boston so I decided to start. In general I use Yelp and TripAdvisor to decide where I am going to eat out of town. However, they are not perfect. I find that they become especially unreliable for restaurants with under 25 reviews since the owners and competitiors end up writing more reviews than real patrons. Outlier experiences also get overrated. So hopefully my reviews will add extra value with my readers that I have built up trust with.


Rating 5/5

In my experience India Quality is the best Indian food in the City of Boston. It has some real competition in Cambridge and Somerville, but in the city, this is my goto place. It is in Kenmore Square, slightly below street level. Also its ambiance is very good for an Indian restaurant. While not a special occation place or where to go if you are trying to show off, you could certainly feel comfortable bringing a date here (unlike many Indian restaurants). It’s priced higher than the typical Indian take out joint, but lower than most any other restaurant of similar food quality and ambiance. I consider it to be a great value for a dine in experience. For take out it is a bit more fully priced, but I still splurge for it’s quality.

Discounts and Freebies

Well, this is the Free Travel Genius, so let’s focus on what’s really imporant to us - living the life for free / less. So, India Quality is both a small business and takes American Express. Can my loyal readers guess where I am going with this? It is the perfect place to go on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for American Express’s Small Business Saturdays. Each Amex card you have (and pre-registered) and use will earn you $25 off your check. The staff at India Quality are very gratious about using multiple cards.

Now what if you have more Amex cards than your little belly can handle? Use them to buy gift certificates and come back to each some other time. India Quality is also very gratious about running multiple cards for multiple gift certificates. There is one small nuissence, however. India Quality uses old fashion physical certificates won’t give change or a new certificate back if the bill is less than its face value. Since they use a physical system, I can understand why they want to keep it simple, however, this gives the astute buyer an incentive to purchase very small demoninations (I go with $25) so not to risk losing too much or needing to supplement their bill with cash. I will need to recomend to the restaurant to look into an electronic gift certificate system. There are so many smartphone enabled applications nowadays to moderize payments, gift certificates, loyalty programs, etc. Hopefully, they give one a try.

India Quality also gives 10% off to students with a valid student ID. I guess if you eat there often enough, you can look into the arbitrage of singing up for a night class, but we are talking one hell of a lot of Chicken Tikka Marsala here.

India Quality Kenmore Square

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