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We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn at Liberia Airport in Guanacaste, Costa Rica for a few days in 2012 and then again for one night in 2021. It is really just about right across the street from the airport and about a 10 minute drive to downtown Liberia. It is also one of the few “mid-priced” hotels in Guanacaste up to American expectations of amenities.

We had a great experience there. And yes, just about everyone there had perfect English for those that don’t know Spanish.


They included a full buffet breakfast both times, though that could have been from my Hilton status. In 2012 (when I was a Diamond), it included made to order omelets, but in 2021 (gold status or maybe due to covid), it only included pre-made omelets.

The hot buffet always had rice and beans, sausage, some type of fry (french fry, yucca fry, hash brown, etc.) depending on the day, some type of Costa Rican style meat depending on the day, porridge of some sort and a few more things. In 2012, cold there was always multiple types of fruit including pineapple every day, bananas, pears and much more though in 2021 (during covid), it was a premade container of quality cut fruit.


The restaurant’s menu was hard to find online, but was available by a QR code in the lobby which links here. Note that I could not launch the menu using a desktop version of chrome but it worked fine on my phone. Many online complain about the price of the food, and while it may cost more than local restaurants in the area, the “hotel premium” wasn’t huge. A complete basic “local” dinner was $11 including tax and service charge - the “Costarrican Casados” with rice, beans, fried plantains, cheese, egg, salad and fish/beef or chicken. I got it with fish and was decent. Yes, the same dish at a local place in Tamarindo may have been $7, but no big deal. Plus, as a gold member, they gave me a coupon for 2 free drinks including domestic (Costa Rican) beers among other options. They even had a domestic dark beer in a bottle that was pretty good.


A decent hotel gym with 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, 1 bike, 1 stretching device and a single cable-based weight machine.They also had a bench and a decent set of dumbbells. They provided towels and fountain water (a good place to fill up water bottles for your hikes, especially when combined with their ice machine down the hall).


Exactly what you would expect of a fairly new Hilton Garden Inn. High quality and very clean without unnecessary luxury.

Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport
Ruta #21 Frente al Aeropuerto International (i.e., across the street from the Airport)
Liberia, Costa Rica
+506 2690-8888

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