Chimichurri Grill – New York, NY

We had a wonderful meal here on 11/26/2011. This place is not cheap, but reasonable given the ambiance, service, food quality and being in Midtown Manhattan. I would certainly come here again for a special occasion or a business dinner. In summary, it is a great Argentine Steakhouse in Hell’s Kitchen.

We had:

  • bread (included) which was fair, but if you ask for olive oil, it comes with great seasonings
  • a salad (~$12) which was very good
  • the Churrasco Argentino, a pounded flat Filet Mignon with green Chimichurri sauce (~$28). It was great
  • a Sea Bass on special (~$38) that was deboned, skinned with the head and tail on the plate. It had no sauce, maybe some lemon or something, so you could fully taste the fish and it was amazing
  • 2 glasses of Argentina Cabernet that were pretty good (~$12 each)

The bill was $111+tip. But we got at least $75 back from splitting up on multiple Amex cards from Small Business Saturday. The staff didn’t complain at all about splitting the check and the service was very good overall.

The ambiance was very good – white table cloth, etc.

Chimichurri Grill
Address: 609 9th Ave (43rd & 44th), New York, NY 10036 in Hell’s Kitchen
Phone: (212) 586-8655
Website: Note that their website appears to be hacked (according to Google) so be careful before going there. I am not going to include a link at this time but let me know if they fix it and can add it later.

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