Forgivable Loan from the Government

Did you know that you may be eligible for a forgivable loan from the government. That is right, you can take out the loan, use it for certain reasons (including, potentially, paying yourself) and then have it forgiven. Yes, there are a lot of tests to pass and rules to follow. Also a lot of paperwork. While the maximum loan size is $10MM for business with hundreds of employees, a simple 1099 contractor or single person business (eg, an Uber driver, eBay seller, outside consultant, etc) can get a smaller loan. If you are a one person home-based business with a net income of over $100,000 in 2019, you can get a loan of $20,833, of which $15,384 may be forgiven. This would get scaled down pro rata to the degree your income was under $100k. If you file a schedule C, you would look at line 31 of your schedule C in 2019 for the relative income amount. For example, if your income was $50k, then you would get a $10,416 loan, $7,692 of which would be forgiven. If you have employees other than yourself and/or certain overheads (office mortgage, office rent and/or office utilities), these numbers can be much higher (up to $10MM). You also can’t be too big, no more than 500 employees with some exceptions. Of course there is a lot of fine print which you can read about through the links below.

Any amount that is not forgiven with be subject to an ultra low 1% interest rate and need to be paid back within 2 years. There are no fees to take out the loan or pay it back. There are no fees at all (other than the 1% interest rate) if you follow the rules and make any required payments on time.

In the first round, almost all of this money seemed to go to businesses that had a strong relationship with their bank. Now the “FinTechs” are allowed to provide loans which should help the “little guy” get his or her share. We have a relationship with Kabbage who is providing these loans to small businesses people like yourselves without any need for you to play golf with the loan officer. You don’t even need to have an existing account, you can set it all up now. Click here to learn more. Please note that we have a business relationship with Kabbage whereby we may get a fee for referring your business to them through this link. Please do use this link and other sponsored links on our site as they help us cover the cost of providing this information to you. Thank you!

Also, time is of the essence here. The first “$350 billion” went very quickly. Congress is expected to put more money into the kitty imminently, but it may go even quicker as there are a lot of borrowers that missed the last round that have already gone through the initial process with their bank.

For more details on loan and forgiveness requirements, see the following:

For even deeper nitty gritty, see:

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