Flying Fish Cafe @ Disney Boarwalk – Orlando, FL

Summary Rating: 4/5

Great Service! Great menu. Very good food, though they tend to overcook things a bit from my taste.

We ordered the Pork. I would ask for it medium rare since we didn’t specify and it came out medium well+. They redid it for us and was medium and very good the second time. The pork comes with a side of mac and cheese that is amazing (can be ordered on its own) and 3-4 huge asparagus stalks. I believe it was around $36.

We also had the potato encrusted fish. An interesting idea with a good sauce, but also came a bit overcooked. This is their signature dish though I found the pork better. This was also around $36 but didn’t include sides.

Had a glass of Cline Old Vines Zinfandel for $10. Good.

The had a bread basked that they implied was “coming out of the oven” but I assume it was reheated since it didn’t have a uniform temperature. Still good. And you can request olive oil (I don’t know why many fine restaurants still insist on putting out butter as the only side to bread in 2012, but that may just be me).

The best part of the place apart from the great service was the atmosphere. I would call it high end casual. No white table clothes and could come in shorts (though they do technically have a dress code that says things like no swimwear or torn clothing), but granite counters, view into the kitchen, refined staff, etc.

The chef’s bar is great. You can watch them cook during your meal.

One of their managers, Kristin Duncan, was super sweet and helped us out a lot. Thank you Kristin!

One downside is they are part of Disney dining. That means that they don’t have a phone number. If you try to call them you will go to central Dinsey reservations and talk to someone that is clueless. I called to ask how I get to this place from any of the shuttle drop off locations and she couldn’t help me. She also said that they didn’t have a bar inside (not true, they do).

Flying Fish Cafe

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Villas

2101 North Epcot Resorts Blvd.

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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