Chase Hyatt Card – 2 free nights ANYWHERE

2 free nights at ANY Hyatt hotel or resort worldwide after your first purchase is an amazing deal, especially in exchange for a $75 annual fee. This is especially valuable to those that like to stay in high end resorts. If used correctly, that $75 can turn into about $1,000 of value — certainly worth a credit card application. In addition, this may be one to keep: each year, you pay another $75 and get a category 1-4 certificate (worth $200-$400+ if used properly).

If you go to Hyatts often, you also get automatic Hyatt Platinum status for as long as you hold the card. With Platinum you get 15% bonus points on stays, “Preferred Rooms” (usually just a high floor), free internet, 2pm checkout and more. Note that starting 10/1/2012, Hyatt will also give you 2 stays/5 nights at $20k of spend and an additional 3 stays/5 nights at your second $20k of spend. You need 25 stays or 50 nights total, so not a significant benefit when the hilton card gives you diamond directly after spending $40k.

If you have (or can get) Hyatt Platinum, you will also get 2 suite upgrade certificates (usable on paid nights). Note, if you have Diamond status PRIOR to applying for the card, you will get your two free nights in suites. You can get a free Diamond trail and challenge if you have top tier status with another hotel, but do note that the trail is supposed to be a once per lifetime option.

Sample Hyatts (any category):

  • Grand Hyatt in New York City is $918 for 2 nights this weekend
  • Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome is 1,020 Euros (about $1,350; at least prior to their conversion into Greek Drachma) for 2 nights this weekend
  • Andaz Liverpool Street in London is 815 GBP (about $1,300) for 2 nights this weekend </ul> Sample Category 4 hotels (for anniversary certificate)

    • Hyatt 48 Lex in New York City – $439 for 1 night this weekend
    • Hyatt Regency Boston – $234 for 1 night this weekend
    • Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco – $204 for 1 night this weekend
    • Grand Hyatt Berlin, Germany – 362 Euros for 1 night this weekend
    • Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia – $298 for 1 night this weekend

    Note: Free nights expire after 1 year. I generally prefer points due to their flexibility and because of this, however, many can do more with the two nights. Just don’t forget to use them!!

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