b.good (chain) – greater Boston, MA USA

I love B Good. They serve mostly food that is a healthier version of what you may normally buy, have friendly managers and a fun spirit. My only concerns:

1) There is some inconsistency in their locations. The one on Newbury St can be a bit slow.

2) They are very expensive when compared to fast food. It is certainly worth it to me since I think it is 1000x better than traditional fast food, just something to be aware of. As compared to fast causal, their sandwich sizes may be considered a bit small given their price, but, again, worth it. I do think, though, that their fries are simply overpriced. They seem to have priced them to encourage the combo meal. However, the combo meal only allows for Coca-cola products. How can a place trying to promote their “healthy-ness” require you to eat high fructose corn syrup to make the meal a semi-reasonable price. They also sell Snapple and other premium products, but add those to fries and a burger and now you are around $11.

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