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Bridget Higgins is a recent Penn State graduate who received degrees in public relations, Spanish and international studies. During her junior year of college, she studied abroad in Seville, Spain to take classes to count towards her Spanish degree. Upon graduating, Bridget returned to Seville, Spain to teach English for a year. Bridget is beginning to think she is becoming an expert on the culture and language of Spain’s southern region, Andalucía. Her love for traveling began in high school when she went to England and Scotland on a class trip. While studying in Spain, Bridget traveled to Portugal, Morocco, Italy and the island of Palma de Mallorca. This year, she plans on going to France, Poland and Ireland in addition to almost every main city in Spain. Follow her as she writes about her experience living and teaching in Spain and the trips she takes throughout Europe.

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Nov 20

The “Accidental” Bargain Trip to Palma de Mallorca

Playa de Palma

After spending a little over three months living and studying in Seville, Spain in 2010, my friends and I decided to take advantage of our week long spring break and head to the beach. So we thought, what better place to go than the Greek Isles, right? Wrong. Read why we ended up in Palma de Mallorca.

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