Waldhaus Flims - Source: Z-Capital
We loved the Waldhaus Flims. [ADD] ## Hotel Restaurants ### Epoca by Tristan Brandt We didn't try it but some friends did and loved it. It's patron is Tristan Brandt, a famous chef. Set menu ranging from 170CFH (vegetraian) to 235CHF (6 course) plus drinks 100CHF to 130CHF. In Spa building (connected). ### Brasserie Seemed to be traditional Swiss. Good, but not my favorite foods so hard to say. Tried the Beef Stroganoff (as good as I have ever had it, but don't really like Beef Strongaoff), Linguini with Black Truffel (good, but a very heavy dish), kid's Spaghetti Bolognese (good). They also serve Fondue (starting at 90CHF for 2) and some local traditional dishes. In Spa building (connected) ### Siam An excellent Thai fine dining experience. We had the Tom Yum soup (24CHF), Phad Name Prik Prow Chicken (37CFH), Pad Thai (37CHF), Mango Sticky Rice dessert (14CHF), and a kid's friend noodle dish along with good wine. However, note that this restaurant is a challenge for shellfish allergies with friend noodles being the only option and even the crackers on the table having crab in them. That said, it was my favorite restaurant of the trip. Service was perfect and the Thai-born chef came to check on us, of course. In the main hotel building. ### Pomodoro A simple Italian/pizza restaurant. Food and service were good, but wtih so many great options, I wouldn't rush back. However, it may be the most obvious place with kids in tow. It's in a seperate building at the bottom of the hill (outdoor walk) below their staff quarters. ### Fairouz A Lebanese fine dining restaurant. Very good flavors and amazing presentations though some dishes were a tad on the dry side for me. We basically just ordered a ton of appetizers. We had Hummus (14CHF, good), Tabouleh (15CHF, great), Sambouek bel Lahme (16CFH, meat dumplings, amazing, ordered an extra), Musaka Batinjan (14CFH, eggplant dish, fine), and Sish Tawook (13CHF, chicken kabob, ok, but a bit dry). Service was great and the Lebanon-born chef popped by. In the main hotel building. ## Amenities ### Spa The Waldhaus Flims is known for their Spa. We were busy skiing so didn't use it very much, but enjoyed it when we did. We tried a 25-min massage (85CHF) and 30 min kid's facial (85CHF). The deep massage from Rickte (sp?) was great. Multiple size robes, flip flops, lockers, showers, towels, nespresso, tea, apricots, fruit, and infused water are all provided for all hotel guests. There are multiple Saunas (Women's only, co-ed and outdoor though note that they are all nude required and have minimum age requirements, we did not have the opporunity to try them). The spa is open until 9pm, but treatments may end earlier. ### Pools The Pools are part of the Spa and open until 9pm. The indoor pool is in an all glass building with great views and cool lighting and lounge chairs around. The outdoor pool is accessed from inside and very warm but not a hot tub. Has various bubbly areas and epic views. ### Gym Next to the Spa is a good hotel gym open 24/7. Includes various treadmills, other cardio equiptment, Technogym machines, Technogym Smith Machine (enough plates to get you into the 200-300lb range if needed), dumbells (max 48lb) and a small "classroom" with black foam rollers, mats, etc. ### Kids Club The kids club is included and excellent. Our 9 year old loved it and made a friend. It is available for drop off 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm age 3+. I believe they will change diapers, but call and check as we didn't have our little one with us. It has multiple rooms, a small climbing wall, a big kid's perch, toys, art supplies, etc. They feed the kids lunch from the kid's room service menu (not sure if that is a charge). ### Laundry ### Water ## Location ### Shuttle ### Walk to Skiing Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort Via dil Parc 3 7018 Flims, Switzerland +41 81 928 48 48